Lapland Expedition 2014

After several small expeditions or tours, I planned for 2014 as a first musher a solo crossing of Lapland. The start of this expedition was in Kiruna (the capital in Swedish Lapland) and went on for more than 700km to Inari Lake in Finland (border between Finland and Russia). However, Kiruna experienced the warmest winter for years, with 2-3 degrees plus and rain, this expedition unfortunately could not start because  many rivers and lakes were no longer frozen. However, on Inari Lake, the weather was a bit better so I quickly planned a smaller expedition to Inari Lake, where we took on the circumference of this lake. Instead of 700km, it should only be 350km. Unfortunately, after a few days, the weather got also worse around the Inari Lake, so we bore witness for the first time to the climate change that has been increasingly affecting the polar regions for a couple of years now.