Lapland Expedition 2012

In 2012, I made a trip together with some Musher friends who I had known over the course of time, from events. On the fourth day, one of my dogs (Kila) got a heart attack (her heart suddenly stopped beating for a few seconds). As a miracle happened, her heart, began to beat again after a short time and Kila quickly stood up and looked at me a bit dizzy at first. But she recovered quickly and wanted to run again. However, it was out of the question for me and so I quickly made my way back to the vet. Unfortunately, he could not find any abnormality. Just to be sure, on the way home, my veterinarian was already expecting me. After many tests, we found out that Kila had a sort of “cork” in the blood circulation that stopped the blood flow. Just because the dogs were so well trained, the muscles around the heart could make a final blow with which these corks “exploded”. Since then, Kila never had such an attack again.