Raphaël Fiegen, Musher and Adventurer from Luxembourg, is planning his second attempt crossing the Kungsleden ( the King of Trails ) in 2019 with his sleddogs. From Hemavan ( in south of swedish Lapland ) they will do during the months of February and March, around 500 kilometers through the swedish Lapland to reach Abisko ( in north of Swedish Lapland). 2016, Raphaël did his first attempt with the Belgian Explorer Bert POFFE. After more than a week they had a lot of problems and decided to stop the Expedition. On the Film “Op 40 Patten” ( On 40 Paws ) they document their Expedition. The difficulty of this expedition will not only be that the Adventurer and his dogs will be alone in the Scandinavian wilderness, but they are going through the taiga and tundra. This means they will be above the tree line and goes into very difficult terrain. Furthermore temperatures around minus 35 degrees Celsius increase the difficulty of this expedition.